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If you have recently had a child, lost a large amount of weight or even are just looking for a change of look and are thinking about getting your breasts enlarged/restored you have come to the right place!

Our Dr Les Blackstock offers high quality breast surgeries for amazing prices starting as low as $5999! We led the way in reducing breast implants prices and thanks to increasing our capacity we are now able to offer our amazing base breast price. In the year 2015 Dr Blackstock performed 438 breast surgeries and in 2016 he performed 467, every year it increases. It is the word of mouth of our happy customers that we rely on, so we dedicate ourselves to ensure you have the desired experience and outcome you need!

Our business strategy is that if you offer quality surgery at reasonable prices you will do better than you ever would by charging excessive amounts. Our belief is our happy customers are what bring us our business and so we want to give them the best value for money and service we possibly can.

Incase you are wondering about the quality of service you will receive with us at Gold-Coast Breast Implants we are proud to tell you our clinic has been assessed by the NSW Medical council and passed and we have been accredited with the same standards as a Day surgery facility. We believe in meticulous reporting and the highest of standards from the second you walk in all the way until you walk out with your new and improved breasts.

Our team believes in delivering the best of service at the best possible price and helping every woman achieve her perfect breasts so she can feel like her best self.

At Gold-Coast Breast Implants we pride ourselves in wanting you to be completely satisfied with your experience with us, we want to ensure our service is the best we can make it.

So we have initiated the Service Satisfaction System to make sure that people are 100% happy with our overall service that we have given to them. At each stage we will be asking you "Are you happy with the service that you have received from us".

Like with all aspects of our business, our systems are governed by our standard Terms and Conditions. The terms and condition are explained on our web site and you will sign off on them if you go ahead with the procedure in our booking process.



Dr Blackstock explains about Goldcoastbreastimplants

"I want every woman whom with help with Breast Implants to be a sign post for my work. I will be honest wiht you at all time and hope that you will trust me to embark on this journey of change together” Dr Les Blascktock