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There are 3 groups of women that we can help with Breast Implants:




"Improvers" are women who have breasts that would be considered appropriate for the size for their body, but for many reasons want an augmentation to achieve a bigger size with a breast implant.

"Restorers" are women who have had breasts, but have had a child or lost a lot of weight, which has adversely effected the shape and size of their breasts.  They may feel they have lost femininity and want to get back the fullness that has been lost by having a breast implant inserted. Some of these ladies may also need a breast lift.

"Creators" are those women who have never had breasts that would be considered an average size for their body type.  For years they may have felt embarrassed or self-conscious being different to other women being able to wear the clothes of their choice.  By obtaining a feminine shape with breast implants, they are after a new perspective on life.

We are able to help each group by keeping the prices of breast implants and augmentations at the lowest affordable price possible.  Starting from the amazing price of $6990!

But wait a second the heading at the top says price from $5990, well we want to help people and not make use time-limited offers which influence a consumer to make decisions under the pressure of time and money rather than about their health care needs. We are offering this price that we may stop in the future, but not a limited period of time or by a specific date, and we do have an option to exit the arrangement, but our actual price is $6990.

Safety and Service is not sacrificed by reducing the price.  

In NSW the peak medical authorities have assessed our process  in detail and we passed with flying colours.

We have a wealth of experience and have the service of our surgeon who has done over 2000 breast surgeries and over 5000 surgeries in total.  We are one of the largest volume breast implants and augmentation services in Australia.

You will be treated in a licensed day surgery and have an anaesthetist present to guarantee you fall asleep before the procedure.

Word-of-Mouth has made us grow and although we can't please everyone, 93.25% of people are completely happy and recommend us to their friends.

We are dedicated to ensure you have the desired experience and the best outcome possible for you!

We are providing a surgical service when we do breast implants and the results can vary due to complications and other factors that may influence your recovery.  Therefore, before any procedure, you need to have a comprehensive Consultation.

To be responsible for the service that you receive we have initiated the Service Satisfaction System to make sure that people are 100% happy with our overall service.  At each stage we will be asking you "Are you happy with the service that you have received from us".

Trust us with your Breast Implants because we really care.

Like with all aspects of our business, our systems are governed by our standard Terms and Conditions which are explained on our website.  Also, as part of our booking process, you will sign off in agreement to these Terms and Conditions, if you choose to go ahead with the procedure.

We look forward to helping you achieve your breast goals and thank you for considering us for your breast implants on the Gold Coast.

Please note that we also provide services such as Liposuction and Vaginal Surgery.

Call us on 07 5522 9999 to learn more.

"We want every lady we help with Breast Implants to become a signpost for our work.  We will be honest with you about the expected outcomes and hope that you will trust us to embark on this journey of change together”